Monday, November 12, 2012

Bigg Boss 6: Laila N Khan enter into the house soon!

Bigg Boss 6: Laila N Khan enter into the house soon!: Sometimes just a name can bring publicity in an unexpected way, as starlet Laila N Khan
discovered when her namesake Laila Khan, a missing Pakistani actress in
India, was recently found murdered. Perhaps, due to this coincidence of
names, Bigg Boss has granted a wild card entry to Laila N Khan into the

Earlier too, Laila’s name was doing the rounds as a probable Bigg
Boss participant, but she was not seen among the first 15. As a tabloid
reports, it is her name that led to her being roped in for the ongoing
season of Bigg Boss.

“The name Laila has already created headlines. Since the starlet
shares the dead Pakistani actress’ name, the Bigg Boss folk decided to
rope her in to create a buzz on the show,” tells a source to the

Laila N Khan was shocked to see her face constantly splashed on the
various TV channels as the Pakistani actress Laila Khan, found murdered
at her Igatpuri bungalow in July. The actress and her family had a many
sleepless nights because of the confusion due to the similar names.

It’s learnt that Laila N Khan is a big fan of Salman Khan, and already knows a few housemates. But her entry in the show is kept under wraps.

Now something about Laila N Khan: she is a model, actress and also a
fashion designer, who has done several films including Shyam Ramsey’s Bachao, Santosh Gupta’s Faraar by Akbar Khan and Kool Nahin Hot Hein Hum. She also featured in several item songs and music videos like DJ Sheizwood’s Don King including some south movies.

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